NS17B06S Eternal WINTER Sleeping
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 Manufacturer : april story
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[Notice for closing the sales of senior and junior type April Story]



It is April Story. ^^

The model contract of 2017 new type NS17, NS16, and NS13 series which are selling at the shop expires and they will only be sold by June 30, 2017 and the sales will be terminated.

You cannot purchase NS17, NS16, NS13 series from July 01.

If you want to purchase April Story dolls, please buy them before June 30.

Thank you.


[2017 Special Event]

1. We give 40% discount to all items on the main page.

2. If you purchase the body, we give the head as a gift.

!!! The manufacturing period of dolls is reduced to 10 days from 60 days based on working days. 

※ Basic Information

*Product Name: Eternal WINTER Sleeping [NS17B06S]

*Product Includes:
head + body + default case + authentic head certificate + authentic body certificate
+ extra hooks(rings) + extra elastic cord

*Product Size
Senior Boy Type(66cm)

*Head Circumference
About 8 inch

*Eye Size
14mm ~ 16mm

*takes about 10 business days after the payment is confirmed

*Layaway is available for this product. Detailed information can be found in Information Board.

*April Story is using the first-class resin, which contains UV protects component
Thus, progress of yellowing is very slow.


※NS17 BOY BODY Detailed Doll Size

* Height(including head) - 66cm
* Circumference of neck - 10.7cm
* Width of shoulders - 15.7cm
* Length of an arm(including hand) - 25.1cm
* Circumference of chest - 28.5cm
* Circumference of waist - 21.7cm
* Circumference of hip - 27cm
* Circumference of a thigh - 15.8cm
* Length of a leg(including foot) - 34cm
* Length of a foot - 8cm

※ Size variance may occur depending on your measuring method.

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